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Fall Time - w/ Paul Skemp. Starring Mickey Rourke, Stephen Baldwin, Sheryl Lee, David Arquette, Jonah Blechman, Jason London, and yours truly.

James Blonde-003 1/2 - w/Michael Sottile-Feature comedy. (seeking production)

Recipe for Success- Romantic comedy co-written with Leah Palen. (seeking production)


The Mayor of Las Vegas - w/Michael Sottile-A 1 hour sit-com pilot featuring the first female mayor of sin city. (seeking production)


Oh Well - The Musical w/Michael Sottile & Danny Schmitz- An opera about Baby Jessica being rescued from a Midland Texas well in 1987.

Derin Brockovich - The Musical w/Michael Sottile & Danny Schmitz-A campy send up of the movie with the similar sounding name.

Shooting Hummingbirds - A one-act dark comedy with two female characters.

Pre-Oz Chronicles - An experimental piece: A woman named Dorothy dreams the entire Wizard of Oz movie while in her mother's womb. When she reaches adulthood, people around her are troubled by her references to witches and flying monkeys, as the Wizard of Oz has not yet been made.


Holly Should - single on soundtrack of Joe Eszterhas' feature Burn Hollywood Burn.

Long Dark Ride - w/guest artists-CD of 13 original songs.

Ophelia Fell - w/guest artists - CD of 13 original songs.


Sculpting History - Article for Ken Narasaki’s stage adaptation of John Okada’s ground breaking novel No-No Boy : www.nonoboy2010.com.


Letters Home - a weekly column currently published in my hometown paper: The Caledonia Argus. www.hometownargus.com (click columns/opinions).


In This Dream - Published October 2007 in Garrison Keillor's prarie home companion .

Since February - Short story fiction.

Norwegian Jazz - An ongoing stream-of-consciousness work in progress with no end.

The (darn) Good Book/A Drinking Mans Bible - A spoken word piece. I once read excerpts at a dive bar in Echo Park while some hipster improvised on a conga drum. It was cool.

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